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The Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia (ADAS) was established by the Law on the Prevention of Doping in Sport adopted in 2005 by the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia. It began its work on January 10, 2006. Since its founding, ADAS has planned its activities in three directions, with the aim of realizing the mission and its program activities, such as: the implementation of doping control, education and research. The fight against doping in Serbia is a decade long problem and a challenge that enters into its most intensive phase by adopting the Law on the Prevention of Doping in Sports (2005 and 2014).

ADAS is characterized by continuous, intensive work on the construction of organizational, technological and innovative steps that are now being fulfilled under the leadership of a director and Managing board of 15 members, with the work of the Anti-Doping Board of 9 members, TUE committee of 3 members, Committee for doping control with 58 DCO, including 9 DCO for Equestrian Sport. Since the establishment of ADAS, doping control has been done in over 100 international competitions, including controls at the largest multisport competitions.

Since its foundation until present days, more than 8000 doping controls have been carried out, more than 90 positive doping cases have been detected in over 30 sports. About 250 TUEs were approved until now, but it is even more important that the awareness of sports professionals, especially team doctors, has been gradually developed through the education. 

Another basic activity related to ADAS is education. ADAS holds regular annual seminars in the field of combating doping in sports and doping animals. On average, it organizes an educational session per week. In the course of 2015 and 2016, the Congress on the prevention of doping in sport was organized. Serbian athletes who are also scholars of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (on average about 350) are obliged to sign a scholarship agreement, to attend two lectures in the field of antidoping education during the year. Regular educational activity follows the publication of books and publications.

For the full realization of the ADAS mission, cooperation with the state authorities in charge of controlling the distribution of doping funds is of great importance. There is also a legal basis for this, which is the Law on the Prevention of Doping in Sports from 2011 and 2016. In the past period, ADAS has already established cooperation with the Ministry of Interior affairs, courts, prosecutors’ offices and the Customs Administration with idea of forming an anti-doping policy unit.

International confirmation of quality and standards in the work and operation of ADAS is also cooperation with international organizations such as different  IFs, ITA, Council of Europe and others.  

In previous period, Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia has become one of the most respected sports institutions, and through its knowledge and work performance it has become a partner not only of the national sports organizations, but also of a large number of sports organizations all over the world.


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