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Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC) is the organisation ensuring the Anti-Doping Program of the Czech Republic. CADC was founded in 1999 and funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. After many years of considerations, the National Sports Agency, a kind of Ministry of Sport, was established in the Czech Republic on the 1st of August 2019. The anti-doping agenda is a natural part of this institution, because the Czech Anti-Doping Committee, an independent guarantor of the anti-doping program, is established by this institution.

Thanks to this development, the financial contribution for the Anti-Doping work was increased and the National Anti-Doping Plan was improved. Education and prevention is one of the main areas of CADC´s work, several education programs for different target groups were launched. CADC conducts almost 1.300 samples per year which is an effective prevention program. CADC has established an Athletes' Committee to make the topics more accessible to the public. The involvement of athletes (representatives) in training and educational programs turned out to be very useful.

CADC´s Anti-Doping Program involves the following activities:

  • Information and Education
  • Doping Control Program
  • Legal

In practice, this means that CADC:

  • contributes to the development of legislative provisions to support the anti-doping work, particularly to restrict the availability of pharmaceutics and nutrition supplements containing prohibited substances
  • represents the Czech Republic in international Anti-Doping institutions
  • issues regulations for conducting doping controls on the basis of WADA´s prohibited list
  • conducts In- and Out-of-Competition doping controls and ensures analyses of the collected samples in accredited doping control laboratories
  • delivers education programs and organizes education events to support doping-free sports competitions

CADC´s Goals

According to our motto "We protect pure sport" we want to educate the highest and top athletes, coaches, sports doctors, physiotherapists, and other officials with the widest possible range of knowledge about Anti-Doping in sport.

To achieve this goal, we organize various training courses, seminars, and meetings. At these events, we focus primarily on athletes at a young age between twelve and nineteen years, and also on the representatives and members of the sports centers of all ministries (Education, Defense and Interior).

We also present information on the dangers of doping at important sporting events throughout the Czech Republic, such as the Children and Youth Olympics organized under the auspices of the Czech Olympic Committee and the relevant region.

CADC´s ten golden rules agains doping:

  • Be a clear champion without doping!
  • Honest success is simply the best
  • Doping means lifelong shame
  • Drug abuse in sport is illegal
  • You are threatened by expulsion from your club
  • You dope alone and you must lie to people
  • If you are forced to dope, report it!
  • Doping causes serious health complications
  • You cannot be proud of your performance because it is not yours
  • Better lose honestly than win dishonestly


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