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NADA Austria (Austria)


The “Nationale Anti-Doping Agentur GmbH” (NADA Austria) was established on 1st of July 2008 as a limited liability company with its head office in Vienna and is a non-profit, independent anti-doping organization. Currently there are 13 employees and 100 external personnel (85 doping control officers, 15 education-staff).

The Anti-Doping Federal Act passed on 29th of June 2007 (“Anti-Doping-Bundesgesetz”, Federal Law Gazette I no. 30/2007) established NADA Austria as an independent anti-doping organization mandated with antidoping-work in sport by means of doping control and prevention in accordance with international agreements.

The control functions include planning, conducting and monitoring doping control processes, instituting disciplinary actions, deciding on applications for therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), and reporting on compliance with anti-doping rules. The field of prevention comprises providing information and education and raising awareness about doping in sport at the top and professional levels as well as in fitness and mass sport. Target groups of preventive measures include athletes as well as people in the athletes' environment, in particular coaches, support personnel, medical staff, pharmacists, officials, parents and educators.

NADA Austria's key mission is to protect clean athletes with an efficient, state-of-the-art doping control system and investigations, as well as prevention through education, information and awareness-raising programs.


We are the protectors of clean sports!

NADA Austria protects the rights of all athletes to clean and fair sport. We are partner and service point of the Austrian sport and work with all relevant target groups to preserve the values and the integrity of the sport.


Our task is to create conditions that make the Austrian sport and in particular youth sport healthy and credible. For athletes and their coaches and support personnel we are appreciated supporters with the common goal of clean sport. As an integrated part of the Austrian sports family, we inspire and promote true sportsmanship. As a NADO with an international network, we are committed to improving and developing anti-doping work.


  • Fairness, honesty and the recognition of rules are the basis of our work.
  • We create understanding for our actions through respect and discretion.
  • The protection of health is a central concern for us.
  • Anti-doping work is passion.
  • As employees of NADA Austria, we pay particular attention to etiquette and friendliness.
  • Professionalism can only be achieved if all employees live the same high standards and guidelines.


  • Our preventive measures create a culture for clean and healthy sport.
  • We champion national and international equal opportunities for Austrian athletes.
  • We increase confidence in anti-doping work through ongoing improvement of control measures and testing procedures.
  • We promote transparency and credibility of anti-doping work by providing the best possible information about the processes and background of our actions.


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