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The Slovenian anti–doping organization is an independent national anti–doping organization (NADO) established on 25th of September 2013 by the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sport Federations. With the vision to protect fundamental rights of athletes to train and compete in doping–free environment, the organization’s programs are comprehensive, including in and out of competition, results management, therapeutic use exemption process, educational and outreach programs and all other activities that are defined by the UNESCO Convention against doping in sport.

Through an annual program of sport, SLOADO is funded by the Republic of Slovenia, Foundation for financing sport organizations and Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of sport federations. To a smaller extent, SLOADO obtains funds from other resources that are set out in the Organization establishment act.

SLOADO values the contribution that sport can make to health, self-development, social development and national pride when fostered within a strong ethical environment. SLOADO identifies integrity, fairness, equity and respect as values essential to meaningful success in sport. Fundamental to sport being enjoyed by all is sporting conduct and the way sport is played. SLOADO commits to play their part in ensuring that standards are set for fair play and clean sport and then promoted through effective education and information.

The basic principle of SLOADO’s education and information program for clean sport is to protect the spirit of sport from being undermined by doping and to establish an environment which promotes and reinforces doping-free behaviour among participants, supporting athletes who wish to compete free from doping. While a comprehensive testing program plays a fundamental part as a deterrent and preventative measure against doping, SLOADO acknowledges that it has a duty to provide athletes and support personnel with the information and technical advice they need to make informed and responsible choices in compliance with the SLOADO’s anti-doping regulations.

SLOADO recognizes the important role that the home countries and regions play in providing effective anti-doping education and information and the essential role that athlete support personnel plays in providing ethical support and guidance to athletes.

SLOADO’s main mission is to create a generation of athletes who have confidence in their ability to succeed in sport without the misuse of Prohibited Substances or Prohibited Methods. 


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