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Mr Werner Kogler and Mr Michael Cepic watching the video message NADA Austria received from Mr Witold Banka

NADA Austria is Celebrating its 15th Anniversary

WADA President, Mr Witold Banka sent his greetings in the form of a video on this occasion.

Mr Werner Kogler, Vice Chancellor and Minister of Sport and Mr Michael Cepic, Managing Director of NADA Austria, reflected on the last 15 years of Austrian anti-doping work. Mr Kogler was pleased that the Austrian anti-doping work is globally considered exemplary and that the expertise of NADA Austria is in great demand.

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CEADO visited Anti-Doping Norway`s 20 Year Anniversary Seminar

CEADO visited Anti-Doping Norway`s 20 Year Anniversary Seminar

The international anti-doping community congratulated the Norwegian NADO (ADNO) for their outstanding work in the anti-doping field. ADNO's remarkable achievements in the early years of anti-doping, prior to the establishment of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), have played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of anti-doping efforts. Their expertise and dedication were instrumental in helping countries establish NADOs, paving the way for a coordinated global approach to anti-doping. Representatives from China, the USA, Canada, and various European nations have expressed their gratitude to ADNO for its valuable assistance. CEADO was represented at the event by Mr. Michael Cepic (chairman of CEADO managing director of NADA Austria), Mr. Janko Dvorsak (vice-chairman of CEADO and managing director of SLOADO) and Ms. Zaneta Csaderova (managing director of SADA).

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