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Both Chair and Vice Chair of CEADO Reelected!

back Mr Michael Cepic and Mr Janko Dvorsak
The Chairman and the Vice Chairman of CEADO
(Mr. Michael Cepic & Mr. Janko Dvoršak)
have been unanimously reelected for the next 4 years today, at the CEADO on-site meeting in Bratislava.
Both gentlemen have expressed their commitment to CEADO playing a leading role for clean sport and clean athletes.

Mr Cepic said: "I´m honored to have gotten the opportunity to continue my work as the Chairman of the organization and to represent CEADO on an international level as well as to work together with Mr Dvoršak."

Mr Dvoršak expressed his thankfulness for the voters´ trust and promised, he will continue his work just as enthusiastically as he has for over 40 years in the field.