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back Mr Stefan Rohnean and Mr Michael Cepic

From 26th to 28th April, the regular meeting of the coordinating bodies of CAHAMA (Ad Hoc European Committee for the World Anti-Doping Agency) and the Monitoring Group (T-DO) took place in Strasbourg. The chairman of CEADO, Mr. Michael Cepic, used this meeting to exchange views with numerous colleagues in his capacity as vice-chairman of the WADA NADO Expert Advisory Group (NADO EAG).

As the elected representative of the European NADOs and a future member of the Foundation Board of WADA, it is a particular concern of Mr Cepic to collect the challenges and ideas for improvement of the NADO representatives, in order to discuss them within the framework of the NADO EAG.
One example of the intensive exchange was the constructive dialogue on the topic of clean sport and fair competition conditions with Mr Stefan Rohnean, president of the Romanian NADO. The need for regional and global cooperation in prevention and work against doping in sport was emphasised as well as the importance of the Central European Anti-Doping Organisation (CEADO).