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CEADO meeting in Belgrade

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The Central European Anti-Doping Organization (CEADO) held its 23rd in–person meeting in Belgrade. The members of CEADO, which come together on an annual basis to discuss important Anti-Doping matters, were welcomed by Mr. Dejan Bojovic, Special Advisor to the Serbian Minister of Sports.

The meeting in Belgrade was also attended by Mr. Sebastien Gillot, Director, European Office and Sport Movement Relations from WADA with whom members of CEADO had strategic talks and discussions about the future or Anti-Doping work.

Main agenda items were the collaboration between CEADO and ITA regarding the coordination of testing, the quality of whereabouts and the WADA-CEADO mentoring program for former Eastern European Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (EERADO) countries.

During the meeting, the members of CEADO looked back on the first 5 years of the partnership since it was founded in 2019. Within this timespan the CEADO members intensified their cooperation and collaboration, mentored several other National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) and were an active part of the clean sport community.

CEADO's main goal since its foundation is sharing knowledge and experience (e.g. in the field of doping controls, education, therapeutic use excemptions, intelligence & investigation) to work together and assisting each other.

 Michael Cepic, CEO of NADA Austria and Chairman to the Board of CEADO since 2019: "As a side-effect of this collaboration, the international voice of the members became stronger and the membership in international committees and decision-making bodies increased. We will continue to work together for the benefit of all clean athletes."