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CEADO meets in Ljubljana for DCO Central Workshop

back Picture of CEADO members in a meeting room

The members of the Central European Anti-Doping Organization (CEADO) from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Kosovo and Austria came to Slovenia for a workshop for WADA's doping control app "DCO Central". WADA ADAMS Team Lead and Senior Manager, Ndiate Chaya Ndiaye was also in Ljubljana to present the features of WADA’s new doping control sample collection app "DCO Central", which was launched in 2021.

DCO Central has multiple new features which allow for example real-time access to athletes’ whereabouts information to reduce unsuccessful test attempts. It is also intended to enhance athlete confidence that their rights are protected adequately thanks to multi-lingual notification and sample collection.

Janko Dvorsak Vice-Chairman of the Board of CEADO and CEO of SLOADO: "It was great having the CEADO members in Slovenia for exchanging their experience on this trendsetting device for anti-doping work. I am glad to share SLOADO's extensive experience, since we are pioneers in this field and conducting almost every doping control with this app."

WADA's DCO Central is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play.