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CEADO meets WADA-President in Poland

back Picture of CEADO members with WADA president Banka

In Warsaw, representatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), including WADA President Witold Bańka, met with members of the Central European Anti-Doping Organization (CEADO) from Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland and Austria. The meeting focused on strengthening cooperation with WADA and exchanging expertise in the areas of doping control, investigation and prevention.

The day before, further development steps of CEADO were determined in a CEADO internal meeting. In the already very beneficial cooperation it was decided to emphasize the partnership in the areas of information and prevention, joint scientific projects and cooperation between athletes' committees. Another important item on the agenda in Warsaw was the collaboration with the International Testing Agency (ITA).

Mag. Michael Cepic, Chairman of the Board of CEADO and CEO of NADA Austria: "It is particularly pleasing that the talks in Poland have made it clear again that the athletes should be the focus of anti-doping work. This is the goal of both WADA as well as CEADO and the relevant organizations will do everything possible to implement it through coordinated projects and cooperation."

During the meeting, the CEO of the Slovenian Anti-Doping Agency (SLOADO), Janko Dvorsak, was elected as the new Vice-Chairman of the Board.