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CEADO meets with National Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Moldova

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Michael Cepic, CEO of NADA Austria and Chairman of the Board of CEADO, visited the National Anti-Doping Agency of Moldova (ANAD) to discuss potential fields of cooperation and future plans. 

Also attending this meeting was a high ranking delegation from the Romanian anti-doping agency (RNADA) represented by Ștefan Rohnean, RNADA President and Ms. Gabriela Andreiașu, RNADA General director. RNADA plays an important role in assisting ANAD Moldova, due to the close relationship of these neighbouring countries. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on this occasion  where the Moldovan Deputy Minister of Sports, Sergiu Gurin was present.

Moreover, the meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss compliance issues, harmonization of the national legal framework of the Republic of Moldova and implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards.

The chairmen of the CEADO Board Mr. Cepic, stated that "the professional work ethic and commitment of the Moldovan Anti Agency will strenghten the already existing relationship with CEADO countries".

On the picture from left to right: Ms. Arhip Elena (ANAD Moldova), Mr. Artiom Jucov (CEO ANAD Moldova), Ms. Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei (Chair of Parlamentary commission of education, culture, research, youth, sports and mass-media), Mr. Michael Cepic (CEO NADA Austria), Ms. Gabriela Andreiașu (General director of RNADA), Mr. Ștefan Rohnean, (President of RNADA).