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CEADO members met in Vienna at Seibersdorf Laboratories workshop

back Group photo of CEADO members

In Vienna, the members of the Central European Anti-Doping Organization (CEADO) met to agree on the roadmap for the coming year. Furthermore, cooperations with partner organizations from the anti-doping world were discussed.

The CEADO meeting took place within the framework of the annual anti-doping workshop of Seibersdorf Laboratories. The CEADO representatives from Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland and Austria were able to specify the development steps of CEADO for the coming year. The CEOs of the National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) agreed to intensify the cooperation in the areas of information and prevention, joint scientific projects and the cooperation with the International Testing Agency (ITA). Another important point was the discussion about the admission of new NADOs.