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CEADO met with National Anti-Doping Agency of Moldova in Zagreb

back Groupshot of meeting participants SADA-CIPH-ANAD-NADA Austria

As part of the WADA/CEADO/EERADO project, a bilateral meeting was held in Zagreb (Croatia) with partners from the Anti-Doping Agency Moldova (ANAD), the Croatian Institute of Public Health Anti-Doping Division (CIPH), the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency (SADA) and NADA Austria. 

As part of the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the the National Anti-Doping Agency from Moldova (ANAD) and its mentoring partners from the Croatian Institute of Public Health Anti-Doping Division (CIPH) and the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency (SADA) a meeting took place in mid January in Zagreb in Croatia. Moreover Michael Cepic, Chairman of the Board of CEADO, also attended the meeting.

The aim of this conference was on establishing code compliance and solving critical problems. Furthermore the developement of an education programme and effective testing programme were on the agenda. 

The chairmen of the CEADO Board Mr. Cepic, stated that "The meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss the work of CEADO with ANAD and the objectives to ensure fairness in sport as well as to protect clean athletes.".

On the picture from left to right: Mr. Damir Marunic (CIPH), Mr. Tomas Pagac (SADA) Ms. Arhip Elena (ANAD Moldova), Mr. Zdravko Lovrić (CIPH), Ms. Zaneta Csaderova (SADA), Mr. Michael Cepic (NADA Austria), Mr. Roman Latinovic (CIPH).