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CEADO plays an important role in WADA's Regional Anti-Doping Organization Program

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One of the main objectives of CEADO's work is to share experience, exchange information and developing education and prevention strategies. Not just exclusively between the CEADO members, but also with the countries of the Eastern European region. Therefore, CEADO is effectively contributing to WADA's Eastern Europe Regional Anti-Doping Organization (EERADO).  

In 2021 CEADO has signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to collaborate on specific anti-doping program development activities. On this foundation partnerships were formed between following organizations:

  • Albania-Poland (POLADA)
  • Moldova-Slovakia/Croatia (SADA/CIPH)
  • North Macedonia-Serbia (ADAS)
  • Armenia-Hungary (HUNADO)
  • Kosovo-Slovenia (SLOADA)

WADA recently announced the importance of these mentoring programs for clean sport. WADA Director, NADO/RADO Relations, Tom May, said: “One of the goals of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization Program is to assist countries in developing their own National Anti-Doping Organizations." According to this goals CEADO builds partnerships with an individual EERADO country and assists in the establishment/development of a local national anti-doping organisation through sharing organizational and personal experience and expertise. 

There are now 12 RADOs supporting 115 countries globally.

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