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CEADO welcomes WADA governance reforms

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The recently announced changes in WADA´s governance imply more involvement of athletes and NADOs which CEADO considers as very important improvement.

When invited to provide ideas and constructive feedback to WADA´s Governance Review Working Group, CEADO gladly accepted and submitted a total number of 76 comments. Subsequently, CEADO was asked to participate in a follow-up interview to elaborate on its contribution.

According to the outline of the new governance structure of WADA that was published on November 25th, 2021, two seats for athlete representatives and two seats for NADOs will be added to WADA´s Foundation Board. It is an important and a right step towards more balanced representation of stakeholders in the WADA Foundation Board.

We welcome the addition of a seat for an athlete representative and a seat for an independent member to WADA´s executive committee, at the same time CEADO expresses its readiness to discuss further potential improvements in a WADA governance. With their experience in Anti-Doping work NADOs can offer to play a more significant role in the WADA governance structure.

NADOs are strong advocates for clean sport for more than 20 years and are responsible for a significant amount of anti-doping work, so their perspective will add value to the discussions and decisions of the executive committee.

As a group of NADOs actively working together and united in their support for a strong and independent WADA, for the benefit of clean athletes worldwide, it is CEADOs aim to be part of the newly formed WADA NADO Expert Group which will be elected by NADOs on a regional basis.