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ITA and CEADO strengthen their collaboration in central Europe

back Picture of stadium and logo of ITA and CEADO

In 2021 the International Testing Agency (ITA) entered a partnership with the Central European Anti-Doping Organization (CEADO). The partnership focuses on the coordination of testing and intelligence-sharing. Now both organizations renewed their commitment to enhance clean sport efforts.

Harmonizing anti-doping efforts on an international level is one of the core values of CEADO. Therefore, these commitments shall not be limited to the member countries. As a result, a substantial contract with ITA was re-signed for the best possible allocation of testing efforts. This might be the most significant contract between NADOs and ITA because it includes 8 countries and thousands of athletes.

"Harmonizing anti-doping worldwide is an important step for fair and clean sport. Athletes should be able to rely on the same quality of anti-doping work all over the world. CEADO knows about that responsibility and acts in that way with cooperations like that.", states Michael Cepic, the Chairman of CEADO´s Board.