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back Kim Kum-pyoung, CEO of the Korean NADO and Michael Cepic, CEO of NADA Austria

The ten members of the WADA NADO Expert Advisory Group (NADO EAG) first elected Kim Kum-pyoung, the CEO of the Korean Anti-Doping Organisation as chairman, then Mr. Cepic was elected as vice-chair. This is the first time of a representative of NADA Austria being on the Foundation Board of WADA.

NADA CEO Mr. Michael Cepic: “Being elected as one of two European representatives to the ten-member NADO EAG has already been a recognition of the successful work of NADA Austria. The election as vice-chairman of the NADO Expert Advisory Group now means even more responsibility and the opportunity to shape the future.”

The newly established NADO EAG is one of the most important developments of WADA's recent governance reform. It serves to unite the voices of the NADOs and allows them to bring their expertise into WADA's governing bodies more effectively.

Mr. Cepic, who will participate for the first time at WADA's Foundation Board meeting in November 2023, on the next steps: "One of the first tasks will be to get an overview of the concerns, challenges and worries of the National Anti-Doping Agencies worldwide, in order to address these issues in an appropriate form in the NADO EAG and subsequently in WADA's Foundation Board. The aim is to improve the highly variable quality of anti-doping work being done around the world."


Info Box:

The ten members of the NADO EAG are directly elected. In each of the five regions (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania), two members are appointed by the NADOs concerned as their representatives. In contrast to other WADA bodies, elected representation is an innovation, which on the one hand provides more legitimacy, but on the other hand also creates more responsibility.

The ten members then elect the chair and vice-chair from their ranks. The duration of these functions is three years and both come with a seat on the Foundation Board of WADA.