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back Mr Michael Cepic, Mr Stefan Rohnean, Ms Gabriela Andreiasu, Mr Janko Dvorsak, Mr

RNADA (Romanian Anti-Doping Agency) has officially joined CEADO!

The organization has been welcomed to CEADO at the first common on-site meeting on May 11th and 12th, in Bratislava. RNADA has become the 9th member of the Central European Anti-Doping Organization along with its members from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

RNADA´s CEADO-membership application has been unanimously accepted in the general assembly of CEADO on March 8th 2023, whereafter the NADO has been invited to the CEADO meeting in Bratislava.

Mr Stefan Rohneah (President of RNADA) explained: "It is a great opportunity for RNADA to be accepted - or I might say: adopted - to the CEADO family. I have felt very welcomed at the meeting, like among longtime friends, even though I have only just met some of the colleagues. I am very excited to work together with all the exceptional experts of CEADO."

Ms Gabriela Andreiasu (General Director of the Romanian NADO) said: "It's an honour for me to team up with colleagues and friends from the anti doping field and build up together the CEADO family and develop professional relations for the benefit of the steakholders."

Mr Michael Cepic said:"We are immensely happy to have welcomed RNADA on board!"

Picture 1: Mr Michael Cepic (NADA Austria), Mr Stefan Rohnean (RNADA), Ms Gabriela Andreiasu (RNADA), Mr Janko Dvorsak (SLOADO), Mr Eugen Coifan (RNADA)

Picture 2: participants of the 21th CEADO meeting