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Online meeting of the CEADO prevention experts

back Participants of the CEADO Education Meeting

The prevention managers of the CEADO met at a video conference in early April to discuss joint projects and activities.

Sharing experience and developing common ideas concerning matters of education and prevention strategies is one of CEADO´s principles. Therefore, CEADO education managers meet regularly.  

Central topics of the meeting were:

  • Joint activities for PlayTrueDay2023
  • Potential EU projects
  • Bilateral visits to get first-hand insights into different NADOs´ prevention activities.
  • Digital platform to share best practice models and training materials.

Representatives from all nine CEADO anti-doping organizations took part in the recent exchange:

  • Gabriela Andreiasu ((ANAD- Romania)
  • Franka Anticic-Lovic (HZJZ - Croatia)
  • Grzegorz Borkowski (POLADA - Poland)
  • Kamila Chomaničová (SADA - Slovakia)
  • Barbara Kalló (HUNADO - Hungary)
  • Uta Kuhn (POLADA - Poland)
  • Roman Latinovic (HZJZ - Croatia)
  • Tereza Malusova (CADC - Czech Republic)
  • Nina Makuc (SLOADO - Slovenia)
  • Gorica Milovanovic (ADAS - Serbia)
  • David Müller (NADA - Austria)
  • Anna Schiffer (NADA - Austria)
  • Tatiana Tartasnae (ANAD- Romania)