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SADA meets with HUNADO

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In preparation of the new WADA Code 2021, the Slovakian and Hungarian Anti-Doping Organizations met on July 8th in Bratislava to intensify their bilateral cooperation.


There are no boundaries within the anti-doping community, in contrary, SADA is pleased to inform about a meeting with representatives of the Hungarian Anti-Doping Agency, Ágnes Tiszeker (CEO), Gergely Szabó (Legal department) and Péter Nagy, in Bratislava to discuss the current situation with the upcoming CODE 2021.

The main topics of the meeting were the implementation of the new CODE 2021, various possibilities of cooperation among SADA and HUNADO and presentation of SADA anti-doping projects.

 "Central European countries and NADOs have to stick together: we either swim together, or sink separately. It has been a great opportunity to have fruitful conversations, sharing good practice/experience on the implementation of the new WADA Code and gain a deeper insight into the work of SADA, especially its truly unique education and social media program. We look forward to assisting each other in the field of testing, educating, assisting athletes residing either in Slovakia, or Hungary."  

Ágnes Tiszeker, Gergely Szabó (HUNADO)

 "The objectives of the Global Anti-Doping Program are the same for all anti-doping organizations. As the Director of the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency, I perceive differences in fundings of the NADOs, on the other hand, responsibilities are the same for everyone. Therefore, it is important to cooperate, to exchange experiences with other NADOs, which solve similar problems in terms of the implementation of Anti-Doping principles. Not everything requires money, sometimes it’s just a small piece of inspiration, and a lot may be different.

Zaneta Csáderová (SADA CEO)