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The 3rd phase of WADA/CEADO/EERADO project is officially launched

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Last week, on October 4th, 2021 the 3rd and final phase of the WADA/CEADO/EERADO project was officially launched. This phase is dedicated to mentorship and in-depth cooperation. Each CEADO country builds a partnership with an individual EERADO country and assists in the establishment/development of a local national anti-doping organisation through sharing organizational and personal experience and expertise.

The first two weeks of October are dedicated to introductory videomeetings between CEADO/EERADO members under supervision of WADA. During these sessions partners from both sides get to know each other and discuss the way forward. The mentored countries give a short presentation of their anti-doping organizations, pointing out recent activities and highlighting the areas in need for mentoring from CEADO partners. Afterwards they decide on further strategic steps of the mentorship and the facilitation of the project (such as individual project plans, country visits, regular meetings, etc.)

Based on a series of considerations, the following mentorships were established:

  • Albania – POLADA (Poland)
  • Armenia – HUNADO (Hungary)
  • Kosovo – SLOADO (Slovenia)
  • Moldavia – SADA (Slovakia)/CIPH (Croatia)
  • North Macedonia – ADAS (Serbia)

Some of the partners, such as Hungary and Armenia or Serbia and North Macedonia have been in close contact even before the project. Thus, their cooperation in the project is facilitated due to previous experience.

CEADO-members, as well as WADA and the EERADO members are excited about the final phase of the project and looking forward to the outcomes of their mutual work.