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The Chairman of CEADO met with ADAS to intensify anti-doping work in Eastern Europe

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A meeting was held in Serbia between the Serbian Minister of Sport, Zoran Gajic and the Chairman of the Board of CEADO, Michael Cepic, the director of Anti-Doping Serbia (ADAS), Dr. Milica Vukasinovic-Vesic as well as the specialist in sport medicine Dr. Eli Handziska (North Macedonia) and the director of the Anti-Doping commission Montenegro Dr. Oliveira Prodanoric.

As Part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the World Anti-Doping Agency and CEADO, NADA Austria and Anti-Doping Acency Serbia (ADAS) met with NADOs from North Macedonia und Montenegro to intensfy the cooperation and discuss further steps. For example the implementation of an anti-doping law in the respective countries has been discussed. 

The group also met with the Serbian sports minister Zoran Gajic to discuss about improving the anti doping systems in the Balkan region. All parties agreed on fostering the network between NADOs in the region and to further improve the collaboration for the good of clean athletes in eastern europe.