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The "Central European Anti-Doping Organization" (CEADO) was founded on May 28th 2019 in Budapest. The founding members are NADOs from, in alphabetical order, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. On December 1st 2020, the NADO of Czech Republic joined CEADO. The countries share not only a long historical relationship but also common values and ideas. 

An idea that was born years ago and was finally put in place with the main goal to strengthen and support the Anti-Doping work to the benefit of the clean athletes not only in the member countries of CEADO but for all clean athletes.

The main objectives of CEADO’s work within the framework of the rules and standards of the World-Anti-Doping-Program are:

  • Harmonization in regard to practical matters concerning the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards
  • Sharing experience and developing common ideas concerning matters of education and prevention strategies
  • Sharing and exchange information and knowledge in testing and intelligence program
  • Promoting cooperation among public authorities (law enforcement agencies) in regard to illegal trading, selling and distributing prohibited substances or methods
  • Discussing public health aspects in connection with Anti-Doping issues
  • Working together on Anti-Doping matters brought forward by any member country
  • Issuing common statements on various Anti-Doping topics by representing a group of otherwise smaller countries
  • Working together with all stakeholders of the Anti-Doping community.

CEADO is working together with WADA and all relevant stakeholders to the benefit of the clean athletes worldwide.