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Representants of WADA, HUNADO and the Hungarian State Secretariat for Sports

WADA President Mr Witold Banka meets CEADO member HUNADO in Budapest

Management of the global anti-doping regulator WADA, in the person of President Mr Witold Banka, Director General Mr Olivier Niggli and Secretary to the President of WADA Mr Rafal Piechota made a historic visit to Budapest, Hungary to further strengthen WADA’s strategic partnership with HUNADO as its key partner in the Central European region, as well as the Hungarian State Sports Administration.

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Groupshot of meeting participants: ANAD Romania, romanian government representatives, CEADO representatives

ANAD Romania expresses interest in CEADO membership

During a two-day visit of the Romanian National Anti-Doping Agency (ANAD Romania) in Bucharest CEADO Chairman of the Board, Michael Cepic met with representatives of ANAD Romania, who expressed their interest in becoming a member of CEADO. Furthermore, detailed subjects were discussed, for example in which way ANAD Romania could contribute to the work of CEADO. Michael Cepic stated: “There is a large knowledge within the Romanian organization and its personnel that would be beneficial as a contribution to CEADO. Especially in the experience of auditing Anti-Doping organizations within the framework of WADA standards.”

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