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CEADO at the WADA Symposium

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The traditional annual meeting of the anti-doping community took place this year from 12-13 March 2024. Key topics included code compliance, intelligence & investigation, the biological passport programme, doping prevention, the further development of anti-doping work and the future direction of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which also celebrated its 25th anniversary during the symposium.

Around 1100 representatives from athletes'associations, international federations, governments, national and regional anti-doping organisations, major sports event organisers, doping control laboratories, research institutions and the media took part in the annual meeting in Lausanne this year.

CEADO’s participation at the Symposium strengthened the voice of the Central/Eastern European region. The cooperation of CEADO and WADA leadership can be seen as a best practice model for sharing pratical expertise and leading the way for clean sport.

CEADO Chairman Michael Cepic, who was in Lausanne for the first time this year in his role as Vice-Chair of the NADO Expert Advisory Group and member of the WADA Foundation Board: "The symposium in Lausanne has always been an important event for exchanging ideas with colleagues from the anti-doping community. Since my election as Vice-Chair of the NADO Expert Advisory Group, the event has become even more important, as almost all national anti-doping agencies take part."

In the picture: Michal Rynkowski (POLADA), Zaneta Csáderová (SADA), Michael Cepic (NADA Austria), WADA Präsident Witold Banka, Janko Dvorsak (SLOADO), Milica Vukasinovic Vesic; (ADAS), Gabriella Juvancz