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CEADO meets Czech Anti-Doping Committee

back Mr. Michael Cepic, Ms. Petra Volkova, Ms. Zaneta Csaderová, Mr. Michal Janeba

Ms. Csaderová from SADA, Mr. Cepic from NADA Austria and Chair of the Board of CEADO, visited the Czech Anti-Doping Committee to discuss a possible CEADO membership.

The Vice President of the National Sports Agency, Mr. Michal Janeba, the CEO of the Czech Anti-Doping Committee, Mrs. Petra Volkova  and Mrs. Csaderová from SADA took part in this meeting.

Both sides expressed their interest in a future corporation and a CEADO membership of CADC.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss the work of CEADO and of the CADC and the objectives to ensure fairness in sport as well as to protect clean athletes.

The chairmen of the CEADO Board Mr. Cepic, stated that "the professional work and commitment of the Czech Anti-Doping Committee to clean sport is a perfect fit for CEADO".

On the picture from left to right:

Mr. Michael Cepic (CEO NADA Austria), Ms. Petra Volkova (CEO CADC), Mr. Zaneta Csaderová (CEO SADA),

Mr. Michal Janeba (Vice President National Sports Agency)