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CEADO statement regarding Chinese swimmer case

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CEADO welcomes the decision of WADA’s Executive Committee to invite an independent prosecutor to review WADA’s handling of the contamination case involving 23 Chinese athletes. This prompt reaction is a reply to calls of some media and representatives of National Anti-Doping Organizations who asked for an independent enquiry.

It is worth to highlight that doping cases are often complex, require to follow sophisticated anti-doping rules and are based on highly sensitive science. It is the highest priority to run anti-doping proceedings and investigations in line with the rules and regulations to protect clean athletes, who don’t deserve to be prosecuted without satisfactory evidence.

In light of the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics in Paris it is crucial to regain trust in the anti-doping system, which can be only achieved by mutual trust and international collaboration among all relevant stakeholders.

Our common goal is to protect the right of all athletes and athlete support personnel to participate in a doping-free environment. WADA as the international regulatory body for clean sport has made significant progress in harmonizing the implementation of rules and procedures all around the globe since its creation.

CEADO will continue to monitor with all relevant stakeholders of the Anti-Doping community the international development in the best interest of clean athletes worldwide.