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Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC) Director Janák visits CEADO headquarter in Vienna

back From left to right: CADC Director Janák und CEADO Chairman Michael Cepic

Jiri Janák from the  Czech Anti-Doping Committee (CADC) met Michael Cepic, CEO of the National Anti-Doping Agency of Austria (NADA Austria) and Chairman of the CEADO for an informal exchange regarding the responsibilities of CEADO in an sportive evironment that is characterized with uncertainty and difficulties due to global factors like the pandemic and the war on Ukraine.

CEADO stands for a pan european organization that is founded on the roots of exchange, empathy and cultural respect. CEADO expresses our compassion for the Ukrainian people. We are in shock for what people have to suffer and we offered help to our Ukrainian collegues from the Ukraine’s National Anti-Doping Organization (NADC). The CEADO member organizations assist the people of NADC in this humanitarian crisis. Such as finding the right contacts to authorities, immigration offices, accomodation and emergency care in the respective countries

Another topic was the new headquarter of NADA Austria and CEADO in Vienna. The premise moved within Vienna to the new main train station, which acts as a gate to the other European countries. Furthermore Director Janák and Chairman Cepic exchanged expertise on internal processes covering topics from result management to CEADO’s cooperation with WADA.  

In the picture from left to right: CADC Director Janák und CEADO Chairman Michael Cepic.