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Mentoring Project between SADA/CIHP and ANAD Moldova

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Within the Memorandum of Understanding between WADA and CEADO another fruitful online meeting between the National Anti-Doping Agency from Moldova (ANAD) and its mentoring partners from the Croatian Institute of Public Health Anti-Doping Division (CIPH) and the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency (SADA) took place on December, 9th 2023.

The main focus in this virtual meeting was on Education, Testing and Result Management. Dr. Zaneta Csaderova, CEO of SADA,  stated that “the cooperation in the field of Education between ANAD Moldova and SADA gives a great example on how Anti-Doping Organizations should work together and assisting each other to the benefit of both sides.”

Dr. Roman Latinovic from CIHP expressed his opinion as following: “Regarding the cooperation with ANAD Moldova in the area of Testing and Result Management I am satisfied with the progress achieved so far, but there is still work to do in the upcoming weeks to ensure a code compliant testing program.” A follow up in-person meeting will take place in Zagreb from January, 16th until January, 18th 2023.

“CEADO headquarter is coordinating and assisting this project, which is not only a WADA/CEADO project but also an example for cooperation on a practical level between NADOs in neighboring regions“, commented Michael Cepic, Chairman of the CEADO Board.