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WADA-CEADO-EERADO project – the 2nd phase is launched


Today, on Thursday, May 27th, WADA and CEADO have accomplished the second part of the NADO structure presentations for EERADO countries.

The NADOs from Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia presented the respective national anti-doping organizations and answered to the questions of the participants. The first round of the presentations was held a week ago on Thursday, May 20th, where Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic and Hungary took the floor.

These two dates marked the beginning of the second phase of the WADA-CEADO-EERADO project, which aims to provide support and consultancy for the EERADO countries in their efforts to establish and develop their own national anti-doping organisations (NADOs). Till mid-July 2021 CEADO members will share their experience in the following crucial areas: Testing, Education, Intelligence & Investigation, Result Management, TUE and Data Protection.

After the second phase of the project the participants will enter the phase of practical implementation with the goal of establishing their own respective NADOs.